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A Full-Service Salon and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Center, Here for You

Makeovers is changing, its now not only a full service salon but it is also a hair replacement center where we can apply hair to a bald or thin area without a surgical procedure.


Letter of Introduction

Mrs. Tomeka Stephens, proprietor of Makeover's Hair Replacement Center, Where she provides full salon services, for Men, Women and Children
Mrs. Stephens has been working at the this field for over 20 years. She continually recieves top rating for the standards she sets in her work environment, which provides not only a positive and clean environment, but a relaxing atmosphere for her clients. She is well known and respected among her peers, and has achieved an exceptional reputation as a true professional, who is dedicated and leads by example.
Mrs. Stephens has advanced in her craft, by obtaining Certification as a Non Surgical Hair Replacement Specialist. She has a great personality, and is a very passionate kind and patient individual.
Mrs. Stephens has established, within the work enviroment, a Privacy Area for consultations and treatments. Having lost her father, who was diagnosed with cancer, she knows first hand, the affects this illness can have on the individual and their families. She holds each client very dear to her heart, and assures that they are comfortable and provided with great service.

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